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Got Milk? Keep it fresh longer by freezing.

Milk is a great nutritional staple.  It is a fine source of protein and of the ever elusive mineral calcium, which is so important to strong bones.  Vitamin D, also hard to obtain, is another benefit of regular milk intake. … Continue reading

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Frugal Brown Bag Lunches — Making them work

In my last post, I emphasized the importance of monitoring and tracking price increases when planning your brown bag lunch schedule.  Inflation is a real problem with food, and brown bag lunch savings can quickly be erased if you are … Continue reading

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The Art of Frugal Brown Bag Lunches

Almost every list of suggested money saving strategies touts the brown bag lunch.  For years, personal finance gurus have urged people to do the brown bag lunch thing as a means of saving substantial dollars. While it is true enough … Continue reading

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Leaving Las Vegas – but not my money

Yesterday, I introduced you to my recent first, and hopefully last, trip to Las Vegas.  I left off with me heading out to the Las Vegas “strip” in search of a reasonably priced meal.  For pedestrians, the strip is a … Continue reading

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What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas — Promise???

Well, I’m back after a two day stay in lovely Las Vegas.  I know what you’re thinking: “What’s a nice, frugal man like you doing visiting Las Vegas?”  Unfortunately, I had no choice, as one of my important clients participates … Continue reading

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Six Simple Strategies for Protecting your Vehicle from Dents and Dings

Everyone knows how annoying dents and dings to your new car are. In fact, who doesn’t get steamed by the sight of a new dent or ding on a vehicle regardless of the vehicle’s age? Putting aside the annoyance factor, … Continue reading

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What Aspirin teaches about practical frugal living

Aspirin, once heralded as the great “wonder drug,” is a great thing to study from a practical frugal living perspective. In the early 1800s European scientists learned that willow bark contains salicin, an extract useful for dulling headache pain.  Later … Continue reading

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