Tools of Frugality: the Stand-Alone Freezer

One of the ironic rules of frugal living is that, sometimes, it takes money to save money.  A case in point: freezer space.

Think how many times you’ve confronted this situation: your favorite grocery store advertises a great sale on meat, frozen entrees, ice cream, or some other frozen food staple.  You stock up as best you can but sadly realize that the freezer space in your refrigerator can hold no more than a week or two’s supply.  “If only I could store more of these things,” you think to yourself, “I could have my family covered until the next sale on this product comes along two or three months down the road.”  Instead, you are only able to enjoy the reduced sales price for a week or two.

How much better would it be to stock up on enough of those markedly reduced price items to cover your needs for the next three months?  It’s easy enough to do provided you have sufficient freezer space.  And make no mistake, the freezer space in your refrigerator is not up to the task.  The simple solution: augment your limited freezer capacity with a stand-alone freezer unit.

Stand alone freezers come in two basic varieties: chest and upright.  The chest freezer opens from the top and stores products in a tub-shaped unit.  Advantages include slightly more storage space per cubic foot and, generally speaking, a lower sales price.  The upright freezer opens like a refrigerator and allows you to store food on shelves.  Its big advantage is the ability to organize.  This is a BIG difference, believe me.  It gets old quickly shoving boxes around in that chest counterpart, looking for a particular item.

Prices vary widely among brands and size.  Smaller units, which offer 5 cubic feet of space, are fairly inexpensive (i.e., less than $200), and even a unit this size can greatly expand your ability to store bargain priced frozen foods.  It doesn’t take long for this investment to pay for itself.  Just imagine a half price sale on ground beef, combined with two dollars off each of your standard lunch entrees.  The ability to triple your supply of these items alone is probably good for savings equaling fifteen to twenty percent of the freezer’s sales price.  With a slightly larger unit, you can stock up on enough frozen goods to all but guarantee that you are covered until the items next go on sale.  The ability to hold out for sale prices indefinitely is an excellent step towards practical frugal living, and one well worth the unit sales price.

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