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A Review of President Obama’s Signature Quotes

While it is not my intention to make this a political blog by any means, let’s face it, there’s no clearer antithesis to reasonable, frugal living than government.  Irresponsible government spending has brought the European Union to the brink of ruin, … Continue reading

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More on Paypal’s cheap arbitration game

In my last post I came down pretty hard on Paypal for its recently announced “Policy Update,” which imposes mandatory arbitration of disputes on its customers.  I need to give you some additional information about this sleazy scheme and its … Continue reading

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Sleazeball Alert: Paypal Resorts to Mandatory Arbitration Game

Well, you can add Paypal to the growing list of sleazy companies that seek to impose mandatory arbitration clauses on their unsuspecting customers.  I learned of Paypal’s slimeball approach to this dirty consumer trick a week ago while checking my … Continue reading

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Games Grocers Play and How to Win Them

Lately I’ve been discussing the wise use of coupons.  My post today is a cross-over inasmuch as I stay with that subject while, at the same time, cuing you in on a common game grocers play.  (By the way, if … Continue reading

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How to Use Coupons Effectively – part II

I mentioned in my last post that many stores do not check expiration dates on coupons, which significantly broadens a coupon’s usefulness or “shelf life.”  I have used coupons dating back to the previous year without problem.  Occasionally, a clerk … Continue reading

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How to use coupons effectively – part 1

Effective modern coupon use is tricky business.  Many people assume that any coupon is money saved and nothing but good news all around.  Coupons have been a popular money saving device for decades, and many of us can well remember … Continue reading

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