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What’s War Got To Do With It? Learning Practical Frugal Living Techniques from History

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  We have all heard this adage before, and it certainly applies with respect to frugal living techniques.  We all have a tendency to live a more frugal lifestyle when we have no choice but … Continue reading

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The Dollar Tree and Why Size Matters

So what budget-minded frugal liver does not love the Dollar Tree and other Dollar stores of the world?  You know, those stores that sell everything for a single dollar or less?  Why wouldn’t a person striving for a practical frugal … Continue reading

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How Government can save millions of gallons of gasoline daily and what we should learn from it

A recurring theme on this blog is that government is a terrible source of waste in our society.  Any efforts at becoming better stewards of the earth’s limited resources has to include more responsible government consumption.   A classic case in … Continue reading

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