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Winter Storms: Great Teachers of Frugal Living

When it comes to frugal living, winter weather deserves a little love.  Sure, we all curse those snow and ice covered roads and frigid temperatures, but, when you really think it through, we can really learn a lot about a … Continue reading

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Tools of Frugality: the Tire Gauge

With all the recent discussion about products you should never buy, I thought it would be good to switch gears and discuss a tool of the trade that you have to buy if you are interested in a frugal lifestyle.  … Continue reading

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Products and Services you should NEVER buy (continued)

Because it seems to be generating a lot of interest, let’s continue with this theme of things you should never spend your money on.  I talked about bottled water last week and cigarettes and tattoos the week before.  The list … Continue reading

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Bottled water for sale . . . Really?

I had this dream last night that I hated to see end.  I had become a multi-millionaire and won the Nobel Peace Prize, all for inventing and perfecting a method of delivering an essential product to people across the globe.  … Continue reading

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Five Products and Services you should NEVER buy

My last post explained one of my cardinal rules of practical frugal living of never paying to watch sporting events.  This generated a fair amount of interest and discussion, with more than a few comments to the effect of, “I … Continue reading

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