Message to President Obama: There is No Free Lunch

Well, we just endured another nauseating, divisive, pie-in-sky, head-in-the-sand speech from Barack Obama.  Also known as the President’s State of the Union speech, Obama regaled his Democratic constituents with promises of yet new waves of big government tax and spend policies — like the very ones that have crippled American business, stagnated the economy, and left panhandlers still standing on the intersections of every city six long years since Obama’s first inauguration.  He has called for new taxes on the wealthy so that he can better spread the wealth to others.  In addition to the free healthcare and free cell phones that he doled out in his first term,  Obama now proposes to magically bestow free college educations and expanded child care benefits, the better to multiply the nation’s 18 TRILLION dollar debt.  And let’s throw in mandatory paid sick leave days while we’re at it.

Here is the message that Obama and his cronies just can’t seem to understand: there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Someone, at some time, must pay for these things.  Otherwise, you find yourself staring at a national debt several trillion dollars higher than the one you yourself blasted as unethical and unpatriotic six years earlier.  You see, Mr. President, college educations don’t come free, no matter how much we may want them to be.  They have to be paid for by someone.  The same is true for those cell phones and that health care you are “giving” away.  And by the way, even those nice new tax increases you are calling for would never come close to covering the tab.  As Margaret Thatcher once remarked, there is a central problem with socialism — eventually you run out of other people’s money.

But the most maddening aspect of this speech is the utter phoniness of it.  How can any responsible, intelligent person watch Obama’s fellow Democrats sit there and jump with applause for these insane promises, as if these new entitlement promises will save them from the yokes of poverty and despair?  Do people not realize that those Democrats are some of the wealthiest Americans whom Obama constantly blasts?  Like Nancy Pelosi and Mark Warner with their staggering, nine figure net worths?  Or Secretary John Kerry with his? Such a shame that Herb Kohl and Jay Rockefeller were no longer in the audience with their nine figure wealth.  Nonetheless, the list of obscenely wealthy Democrats who tout the “rich need to pay their fair share” mantra remains seemingly endless.

So here’s a practical idea: why don’t these multi millionaires step up to the plate, lead by example, and volunteer to forego those $174,000.00 salaries they take home?  Really, does a multi millionaire need that additional money anyway?  If they are truly so concerned about the plight of the less fortunate and outraged by the rich not paying their fair share, why not volunteer their services and live off of the paltry multi million dollar investment income that they receive annually (along with the lavish allowances, health care  (free of the Obamacare beauracracy, by the way), astounding “retirement” packages, and other benefits they will still enjoy)?  Come on you principled Congress folk, you want to give back to society; you want to help the less fortunate; you want to be good, altruistic “public servants.”  Go ahead and do it free of pay, like Ross Perot volunteered to do when he ran for President.

By now, you are probably thinking that I am one of those wealthy Americans who would be directly affected by the new tax increases Obama proposes.  I’m not.  Actually, I don’t come anywhere close.  I know, the prevailing wisdom is that I therefore should not care.  “Why do you care, you won’t have to pay it?” is the question I often hear.  Well, I care because I know that more and more spending by a government that is already $18 trillion dollars in debt is a bad thing; it is unsustainable.  I care because I look beyond the short-term and care about what happens to my children.  I care because I know that feeding this frightening tidal wave of entitlement demands is the last thing our country needs.  And I care because I truly hate this politics of division that Obama himself promised to change yet constantly takes to new heights.  It frankly pisses me off, in fact.

I also care because I believe people should be permitted to set their priorities, make wise choices, work hard, and spend their money on their own families and the causes they believe in rather than on the special interest groups that jump on the populist bandwagon.  I also believe every person should be permitted to spend and invest their hard-earned income as they wish without having political prostitutes stoke class envy and buy votes by promising to take that money and redistribute it.  I believe in working hard, living frugally, saving and investing, and providing for my family, rather than for the 50 million Americans who receive food stamps.

If you have followed and read this blog, you already know the importance of living frugally.  Rather than seek the mythical free lunch, you have perfected the art of frugal brown bag lunches.  You pay your own way while mastering cost reduction strategies such as aggressive coupon use and frequent shopper discount cards.  You monitor your vehicle’s tire pressure and avoid impractical gas-guzzling SUVs.  You seek to minimize insurance costs by dropping unnecessary coverages rather than force people to purchase insurance coverages they neither want nor need.  You know how embarrassed responsible Americans are by the nation’s irresponsible burgeoning debt and entitlement mentality.  You have, in short, perfected the liberating frugal mindset.

We need to tout the virtues of responsible, frugal living and self-reliance.  This runaway freight train of entitlement spending and class envy will get us nowhere good.

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