Why DO so many women support Hillary Clinton? (Part II)

Last week I posed the question why would a thoughtful, responsible woman support Hillary Clinton.   Aside from the patent phoniness about her, the endless list of head-shaking lies, her red herring platforms, and the sordid, humiliating history that she and her husband have already put the country through, perhaps the biggest problem with her for any self-respecting frugalist is her insistence on marginalizing achievement, stoking class envy, and touting that oh so favorite liberal line that the “rich” are selfish folk who just do not pay their fair share in taxes.

Any adult who has worked hard to accomplish a financial stability should feel a definite rise in blood pressure every time this hypocritical crook (or any of her other multi-millionaire party buds) fall back to this well-worn Democratic talking point.  Before we get to the absurdity of Hillary Clinton resorting to this class envy tactic, let us, as before, take on the dearth of logic to the entire premise.

Start by explaining this to me: Why is it considered by the liberals “selfish” for a person to work hard, delay gratification, save and invest responsibly, and wish to keep most of his or her earnings in order to provide for his or her family; but it is not selfish for a person to wish/demand that the government take the money from others and simply give it to him or her?  Can anyone answer that for me?

Why is it selfish to wish to keep the money one has worked hard to earn, but unselfish for one-half of the country to pay absolutely no federal income taxes, while complaining that the rich do not pay their fair share?  Why, really, is it selfish for a hard-working American to labor for years in an effort to create a safety net for his or her own family, but unselfish for others to demand that the government provide that safety net by heavily taxing others?  Why is it selfish for a person to put in twenty plus years of hard work in part to sock away money for his or her children’s college educations, but unselfish for others to save nothing and to demand that the government provide “free education,” once again, at the expense of the tax payers?

I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the point.  The notion that it is “selfish” to work hard to succeed, to save and invest responsibly, to live frugally, and to expect to be able to use one’s own income to provide for a family is another logically bankrupt premise that any thinking person should not only dismiss, but resent.  And to pander to the jealousy of those who, through poor personal choices, failed to plan, work, and save similarly is just wrong on so many levels.

Ben Franklin aptly predicted: “Once the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”  How frighteningly prescient was this statement as our country plods blithely ahead to a twenty TRILLION dollar debt?

Hillary Clinton, you see, wants to encourage anything but responsible, frugal living.  After all, frugal, responsible, self-reliant people have no dependence on the government, no jealousy of others, no Pavlovian tendency to mindlessly vote for whatever candidate promises to give more and more free stuff to them.  Far worse, the Clinton machine, just like the Obama one we have endured, wants chiefly to vilify achievement so as to stoke class envy and turn out the vote of the masses of people who wish to vote themselves food stamps, cell phones, health coverage, college educations.

So why indeed would a responsible, thoughtful person vote for such a person?  We can only hope that people will ponder and circulate this question before November.

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2 Responses to Why DO so many women support Hillary Clinton? (Part II)

  1. Really enjoy your site and way of thinking. It is amazing to me how many educated, smart people have been blinded by the national media and are making a stupid decision to vote for Hillary Clinton. As crass as Trump is at times, at least he has some common sense and knows how to accomplish something.

  2. tails83 says:

    I’ve read and enjoyed all of your posts, even the Prius one, but not these two. I am having trouble reconciling your legal analytical skills with these two posts.

    The answer to your question of who determines the meaning of the word “selfish” is . . . everybody, like in a normal community, like in common law. Through our convoluted, representative, (classically) liberal, democracy. It works the same for families, condo associations, and countries. I don’t believe the definition of this word can be legislated or decided on by a judge, if that is what you are getting at.

    Unless you are a sovereign citizen against all taxes, an extreme legal explanation is that there are no natural rights or international law. The United States exists because it is able to enforce its laws and prevent others from enforcing theirs. People residing within the United States don’t actually own anything, especially land, which is held by the sovereign. In other words, whatever and whoever the “United States” is decides what you do, don’t, can, and can’t own.

    I’m an ERE/MMM guy, have an Economics/Politics degree, as well as some legal education. I value work, saving, and self-sufficiency. What your analysis leaves out is that others may NOT work, save, or help themselves, or any combination of the three, perhaps through no fault of their own. There are many reasons for this: developmental problems, abuse, low IQ, lack of education, poor role models, bad habits, bad luck, peer pressure, laziness, etc. You lack empathy for people who are not like you, and you project your stable life on others who will never have it. My mother died when I was seven. My whole family immigrated half way around the world. My father used welfare as a stepping stone to massive success in this country. However, his emotional abuse has forced me to cut off contact with him. His measure of success, as is yours, and partly mine, is money. I am doing worse that he is, but still average. There are measures of success other than money that you are not considering, such as poorly compensated but fulfilling and productive work, and social ties. I mention these personal facts because while you may not have used welfare benefits, public education, or subsidized healthcare, others may have no life without them. Do you have parents on Social Security and Medicare? The vast majority of taxes collected go to SS, Medicare/Medicaid, and Military/Veterans. What do you think of “low income, millionaire” retired families that pay no income taxes and receive Obamacare subsidies? How much food could billion dollar deductions pay for? Successful people respond to incentives and game the system. We, as a nation, create community standards to live by, which at the present include these benefits as well as regulations for those gaming the system. And just like in my condo building, the loses increase as the system complexity increases. I can’t imagine losses greater than 5%, unless we discard doctor’s salaries, aircraft carriers, etc. There is nothing that my crazy communist/anarchist friends would like more than higher taxes on the bottom half leading to revolution.

    Please review your economics, There is nothing wrong, dangerous, or out of the ordinary with the debt or deficit. These work differently for entities that do not control their own currencies, such as individuals, Greece, and dollarized countries. If you are concerned about the dollar, then removing yourself from the financial economy as much as possible should be a goal. There are some people pursuing such an ERE/MMM strategy. Again, those pesky communists would love it if the the debt was dissolved, leading to the collapse of all pension funds, retirement accounts, and government financing. We clearly don’t have the economic profile of Norway, but we are far from that of Venezuela.

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