Target – No Place for Bananas and a Larger Lesson in Frugal Living

20160515_154427I’m usually a big fan of Target, and I go there often for groceries.  Like most people, I prefer to knock out all grocery shopping at once since it is one of those tasks I really dislike.  As such, I’ve always found myself tempted to pick up my weekly supply of bananas while there.

This convenience temptation in turn leads one to rationale the price – currently weighing in at .29 a banana.  That’s right, .29 per banana, not a pound.  I’ve always wondered how that corresponded to a price per pound but was too lazy to find out.  Until recently that is.  The other day I needed to pick up just a few while in the grocery store for other reasons.  So I made a point of selecting two good size bananas and saving the receipt.  It showed the total price as forty-two cents.  Even with my limited math skills I was able to quickly figure this one out: Target’s price for bananas, uhm, shall we say bites.  If I had made this same purchase there, I would have dropped another sixteen cents, or a whopping thirty-eight percent more.  And that’s with the comparative grocery store being Harris Teeter, a southeastern chain not exactly known for bargain prices.

So what’s the larger lesson here?  You just can’t assume that discounters like Target or Walmart are the best places to buy all items.   As I’ve preached repeatedly before, you really do have to think it through, and sometimes that takes some pretty simple effort.

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One Response to Target – No Place for Bananas and a Larger Lesson in Frugal Living

  1. Jen says:

    Trader Joes does the same thing with a lot of their produce. Thanks for breaking down the math.

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