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The Evolution of a Frugal Mindset

If you really want to excel in frugal living, the first thing to work on is not so much your spending habits but your mindset.  All the rest follows. Frugal living, you see, is more than making deliberate effort to … Continue reading

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Practical Frugal Living: A working definition

A question I am sometimes asked, and a question that this blog begs, is the following: What is practical frugal living?  How do we define it?  And how do we distinguish it from impractical frugality?  The operative word is practical, … Continue reading

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Introduction to Practical Frugal Living

When it comes to frugal living, I am a true believer.  I have no doubt that the United States, indeed the world, needs desperately to return to principles of frugal living.  I see the proof every morning as I drive … Continue reading

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