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Secret “Shame” of the American Middle Class?

There’s a good article appearing on msn.com today concerning the “secret shame” of the middle class.  Written by Neal Gabler for The Atlantic, it begins by revealing a surprising statistical find by the Federal Reserve Board: that 47% of American … Continue reading

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SUVs, Trucks, and Other Foolish Means of Transportation

I tell you, sometimes I see things that just shake me up.    Just check out this picture that I took from a downtown parking garage that I sometimes use.  It is a site I see pretty much any time I … Continue reading

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Emotions, Pride, and the Myth of Prius Savings

Man, did I ever strike a nerve with my post that questioned whether a Toyota Prius really accomplishes significant, or any, savings in the long run. The post elicited a number of comments from a generation of Prius lovers who … Continue reading

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Practical Frugal Living: A working definition

A question I am sometimes asked, and a question that this blog begs, is the following: What is practical frugal living?  How do we define it?  And how do we distinguish it from impractical frugality?  The operative word is practical, … Continue reading

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