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Some Thoughts on the Utter Hell of Air Travel – with a particular shout-out to Delta

If you do not believe in hell, you have little experience with air travel.  Unfortunately, I have such experience, lots of it.  I know painfully, horribly well the cycle of disappointment, frustration, anger, and extreme physical and mental exhaustion that … Continue reading

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Secret “Shame” of the American Middle Class?

There’s a good article appearing on msn.com today concerning the “secret shame” of the middle class.  Written by Neal Gabler for The Atlantic, it begins by revealing a surprising statistical find by the Federal Reserve Board: that 47% of American … Continue reading

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Does a Used Car Really Save?

Buy a used car and save tons of money.  How many times have you heard it?  It’s one of the top five suggestions on any “how to save money” article.  It has become part and parcel of the frugalist mindset, … Continue reading

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Save Money on Insurance by Knowing the Harsh Truth About Insurance Companies

Oh brother, that annoying Allstate ad is airing again.  You know, the one with the obnoxious dweeb who pretends to be the latest hazard or absent-minded mistake that causes a huge accident before warning how screwed you will be if … Continue reading

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More on Paypal’s cheap arbitration game

In my last post I came down pretty hard on Paypal for its recently announced “Policy Update,” which imposes mandatory arbitration of disputes on its customers.  I need to give you some additional information about this sleazy scheme and its … Continue reading

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Sleazeball Alert: Paypal Resorts to Mandatory Arbitration Game

Well, you can add Paypal to the growing list of sleazy companies that seek to impose mandatory arbitration clauses on their unsuspecting customers.  I learned of Paypal’s slimeball approach to this dirty consumer trick a week ago while checking my … Continue reading

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