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Message to President Obama: There is No Free Lunch

Well, we just endured another nauseating, divisive, pie-in-sky, head-in-the-sand speech from Barack Obama.  Also known as the President’s State of the Union speech, Obama regaled his Democratic constituents with promises of yet new waves of big government tax and spend … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the Myth of American “Exceptionalism” and why I am not proud to be an American (and I’m not even a left-wing nut job)

Recently Fox News’ Megyn Kelly made headlines by interviewing Bill Ayers, one of the many controversial figures from Barack Obama’s past.   Ayers is a former member of the Weather Underground Organization who, even at the ripe, wise age of 70 … Continue reading

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A Review of President Obama’s Signature Quotes

While it is not my intention to make this a political blog by any means, let’s face it, there’s no clearer antithesis to reasonable, frugal living than government.  Irresponsible government spending has brought the European Union to the brink of ruin, … Continue reading

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