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Target – No Place for Bananas and a Larger Lesson in Frugal Living

I’m usually a big fan of Target, and I go there often for groceries.  Like most people, I prefer to knock out all grocery shopping at once since it is one of those tasks I really dislike.  As such, I’ve … Continue reading

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Tools of Frugality: The Rain Check

So yesterday I was lured into my local grocery store in large part by electronic notification of my frequent shopper card specials.  As is customary for this particular grocer, a few of my best “E-VIC” specials were one day deals, … Continue reading

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Games Grocers Play and How to Win Them

Lately I’ve been discussing the wise use of coupons.  My post today is a cross-over inasmuch as I stay with that subject while, at the same time, cuing you in on a common game grocers play.  (By the way, if … Continue reading

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Got Milk? Keep it fresh longer by freezing.

Milk is a great nutritional staple.  It is a fine source of protein and of the ever elusive mineral calcium, which is so important to strong bones.  Vitamin D, also hard to obtain, is another benefit of regular milk intake. … Continue reading

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Frugal Brown Bag Lunches — Making them work

In my last post, I emphasized the importance of monitoring and tracking price increases when planning your brown bag lunch schedule.  Inflation is a real problem with food, and brown bag lunch savings can quickly be erased if you are … Continue reading

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The Art of Frugal Brown Bag Lunches

Almost every list of suggested money saving strategies touts the brown bag lunch.  For years, personal finance gurus have urged people to do the brown bag lunch thing as a means of saving substantial dollars. While it is true enough … Continue reading

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Leaving Las Vegas – but not my money

Yesterday, I introduced you to my recent first, and hopefully last, trip to Las Vegas.  I left off with me heading out to the Las Vegas “strip” in search of a reasonably priced meal.  For pedestrians, the strip is a … Continue reading

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