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Thinking Early Retirement? Beware of the Four Percent Rule . . .

Recently, USA Today revisited a popular subject amongst early retirement hopefuls: the so called “four percent rule.” The basic concept is that if a retiree withdraws no more than four percent of his portfolio per year, he should have enough … Continue reading

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Emotions, Pride, and the Myth of Prius Savings

Man, did I ever strike a nerve with my post that questioned whether a Toyota Prius really accomplishes significant, or any, savings in the long run. The post elicited a number of comments from a generation of Prius lovers who … Continue reading

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Busting the Myths of Motorcycle Savings (Part II)

As I mentioned in the last post, motorcycles, for all their glory, are pretty disappointing when it comes to fuel economy and savings.  When you consider their small size relative to cars and trucks, motorcycles, by and large, stink at … Continue reading

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Busting the Myth that Motorcycles Save Gas (and Money)

With each new surge in gas prices, a frequently asked question is whether motorcycles offer substantial savings in fuel consumption.  The related question is whether motorcycles have a place in practical frugal living. The questions make sense enough.  After all, … Continue reading

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What’s War Got To Do With It? Learning Practical Frugal Living Techniques from History

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  We have all heard this adage before, and it certainly applies with respect to frugal living techniques.  We all have a tendency to live a more frugal lifestyle when we have no choice but … Continue reading

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Practical Frugal Living: A working definition

A question I am sometimes asked, and a question that this blog begs, is the following: What is practical frugal living?  How do we define it?  And how do we distinguish it from impractical frugality?  The operative word is practical, … Continue reading

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