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Emotions, Pride, and the Myth of Prius Savings

Man, did I ever strike a nerve with my post that questioned whether a Toyota Prius really accomplishes significant, or any, savings in the long run. The post elicited a number of comments from a generation of Prius lovers who … Continue reading

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Myth Busters: Toyota Prius as a Money Saver

People often wonder just how much money they can save by purchasing a Toyota Prius.  With the Prius’ famed EPA fuel consumption estimates of 51 miles per gallon city and 48 highway, everyone believes it is not a question of … Continue reading

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On Deck: the Toyota Prius – frugal or no?

Hello everyone, and apologies for the lack of discussion recently.  The posts I wrote about the myths of motorcycles saving  money generated some good questions about my views on hybrid cars.  I’m putting together a post that looks at the … Continue reading

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