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Five More Benefits of Credit Cards and Strategies for Effective Use

You know from my last post that credit cards, when used properly, are actually a great way to save money.  The credit card cash back bonus is like having a one to five percent off coupon on everything you buy. … Continue reading

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Saving Money with Credit Cards – a Tool of Frugal Living

Credit cards are one of the most ignored tools of frugal living.  This is so because the credit card, bless it, has an undeserved reputation as a bad guy in the world of consumer debt.  It is a most unfortunate … Continue reading

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American Pickers and How Not to Negotiate

If you followed Practical Frugal Living during the blog’s early days, you know my take on the popular History Channel program American Pickers.  It’s an entertaining show, mostly because of the likeable co-stars, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz; however, it … Continue reading

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Tools of Frugality: The Rain Check

So yesterday I was lured into my local grocery store in large part by electronic notification of my frequent shopper card specials.  As is customary for this particular grocer, a few of my best “E-VIC” specials were one day deals, … Continue reading

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Products and Services you should NEVER buy (continued)

Because it seems to be generating a lot of interest, let’s continue with this theme of things you should never spend your money on.  I talked about bottled water last week and cigarettes and tattoos the week before.  The list … Continue reading

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How to Have a Merry (but frugal) Christmas

I know what you are thinking: Christmas and frugal living do not exactly go together.   If ever there were a time when even the most ardent savers take a break from the budget, it is the year-end holiday season.  Presents … Continue reading

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Games Grocers Play and How to Win Them

Lately I’ve been discussing the wise use of coupons.  My post today is a cross-over inasmuch as I stay with that subject while, at the same time, cuing you in on a common game grocers play.  (By the way, if … Continue reading

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