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Five More Benefits of Credit Cards and Strategies for Effective Use

You know from my last post that credit cards, when used properly, are actually a great way to save money.  The credit card cash back bonus is like having a one to five percent off coupon on everything you buy. … Continue reading

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Saving Money with Credit Cards – a Tool of Frugal Living

Credit cards are one of the most ignored tools of frugal living.  This is so because the credit card, bless it, has an undeserved reputation as a bad guy in the world of consumer debt.  It is a most unfortunate … Continue reading

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Tools of Frugality: the Tire Gauge

With all the recent discussion about products you should never buy, I thought it would be good to switch gears and discuss a tool of the trade that you have to buy if you are interested in a frugal lifestyle.  … Continue reading

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Frequent Shopper Cards: Big Savings and the Price of Privacy Paranoia

Frequent shopper cards (a/k/a customer loyalty cards) are a fine way to save money.  Common to most grocery and drug store chains, the frequent shopper card typically offers weekly discounts on a variety of products to card holders, and, unlike … Continue reading

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Tools of Frugality: the Stand-Alone Freezer

One of the ironic rules of frugal living is that, sometimes, it takes money to save money.  A case in point: freezer space. Think how many times you’ve confronted this situation: your favorite grocery store advertises a great sale on … Continue reading

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